I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day! I enjoyed seeing many of you at the Harrisonburg parade in the evening, thanks to everyone that came out. Valley Business Summit As you might recall, last year several area legislators along with local business and economic development organizations hosted a business summit at Blue Ridge Community […]

The Commonwealth of Virginia officially has a budget in place for the upcoming biennium. The Governor signed the budget on June 21. However, before signing he issued eight line-item vetoes that we returned to Richmond to address Monday evening. Of the eight, two were ruled out of order, one was overturned by the House but […]

With less than two weeks until crossover, the General Assembly is deep in deliberation over numerous issues that are of importance to the citizens of the Commonwealth. The daily floor session has gotten progressively longer, and committee meetings are often running even longer yet. In this update, I wanted to go ahead and outline several […]